New tattoo.  Still not finished though.
New tattoo.  Still not finished though.
New tattoo.  Still not finished though.

New tattoo. Still not finished though.

Just when I start trusting again…I find things that make me doubt the trust. Sigh.

A message from Anonymous
don't be so hateful yo

Hateful?  How was I being hateful?  I’m assuming this is towards the sex post.  It’s not being hateful to correct someone by saying that sex IS a workout (unless you just lay there).  I’m sure many people would agree with me.  From personal experience, I’ve gotten a great work out from switching positions and having a GREAT time.  And I know the person I have sex with has had a great work out too from us both sweating and panting.  

So.  Anon.  Please.  Enlighten me as to how I was being “Hateful”.

Home sweet home.

A message from Anonymous
Do you consider having sex as a workout ?
A reply from fitness-fits-me


I’d definitely say yes…unless you just lay there. 45+ minutes of grinding, thrusting, bouncing etc. Is definitely a great workout.

Just saying.

Haha still hilarious
Haha still hilarious

Haha still hilarious

Fuck Them

I say fuck the enabler, the one who lets him get away with it all.
I say fuck the perpetrator, who stole it all from me.
I say fuck the drunk who cant stand to face his own reality.
I say fuck the drug addict, the one who endangers children just to get his next fix.
I say fuck all the lies and made believe fantasies
I say fuck your “king of the throne” attitude.
You fuck with me, I’ll fuck with you…and trust me…you’ll wish I’d have used lube.
I say fuck your nonsense, your bullshit, your drama
I say fuck you with a rusty nail covered club.
I say fuck you and fuck you very much.
A fuck you to him and a fuck you to them.